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List Views – Font Size

List views are an efficient way to clearly present a large amount of data. In order to assist in providing the best User Experience possible for KP mobile applications, the MCoE Design Team investigated best practices of visual design for items in a list view.

This discussion was sparked from the UI / UX review of a KP Application “Clinician Connect”. In this case study we will focus on font size choice.

The original version of Clinician Connect uses 14 pt Helvetica Neue font. This meets the minimum requirement of 13 pt, but it is not optimal. Increasing the font size to 16-18 pt allows for better readability of main text, as demonstrated below:

List View Font Size Examples

14 pt

List View Font Size Examples

16 pt

List View Font Size Examples

18 pt

One good example of proper list design is the KP Flagship App. This application utilizes a 16 pt font for the list, and 14 pt font for the sub-text.
List View Flagship Screenshot


Making the main list text 16 pt allows for good readability, and still allows for 6 two-line items to be displayed at any given time. The 14 pt sub-text is small enough to be considered a sub-text, but large enough to be readable.


Be sure to spend time considering the balance between usability, visual appeal, and accessibility when selecting your font sizes. Carefully considering your font size choices will ensure that you have a visually appealing and optimally functioning list.