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Stroke Alert


Stroke Alert was developed as a pilot prototype for the KP Stroke Services program. MCoE worked directly with Dr. Frank Ruiz to understand the use-case requirements and develop the prototype. This case study shows the stages of the design development from wireframes to the latest recommendation.

Goals and Use Cases

Quick Team Assignments

  • When a ”Code Grey” occurs, the app will pull a team together quickly
  • App displays all team members assigned and any open spots

Synchronized Communications

  • Decreases unnecessary pages, calls, texts and emails
  • Faster & more accurate communication and coordination between team
  • Alerts sent to all members of the assigned team
  • Keeps a history of all actions and messages for each Stroke Alert

Improved Patient Care

  • Potentially reduces door-to-needle time
  • Provides coordinated, real-time data for location and universal timers
  • Reduce costly & dangerous errors

Initial Design

The first wireframes of Stroke Alert focused on UX flows and layout explorations. This screenshot features the initial concept for the dashboard layout. There was not yet a tab for patient information in this design, rather it was accessed via the button in the upper right corner of the header.

Design Iterations

The following design updates explored alternate layouts for the dashboard and began exploring uses of color to distinguish different areas. We also split patient information into it’s own tab, shown on the right.

MCoE Design Recommendation

The latest design recommendation was a hybrid of several design explorations. The recommendation included updated UI elements with larger icons and font sizes, simple (yet effective) color utilization, and clear interaction areas. The Stroke Alert design is still in early stages and will evolve as we do more research and design iterations. Please check out the interactive prototype of the MCoE Design Recommendation.
View the live prototype on >


“…the group felt like it could be valuable not just for TeleStroke but for other teleconsultation applications as well…”
– Julliette Mullin, Managerial Consultant – Quality and Operations Support

“…it would have relevance for patients who are already in our hospital (ie, Inpatient Stroke Alerts) and for the majority of the Stroke cases that come in by “walk in” or ambulance through the Emergency…”
– Dr. Jonathan Artz, Medical Director – Stroke Services at Kaiser San Rafael

“The time stamp is going to be so valuable to give our Regional Stroke Quality team the necessary information about  Stroke Team member(s) response times and related communication fall outs.”
– Dr. Frank Ruiz, Emergency MD

“Using such a system, the graphic presentations of such data would make it much easier to objectify gaps and fall outs in care and be extremely useful for quality assurance and quality improvement monitoring.”
– Dr. Jonathan Artz, Medical Director – Stroke Services at Kaiser San Rafael

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