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Digital Membership Card


The Digital Membership Card (DMC) is a very useful feature of the KP Mobile application. Members have access to their MRN and plan details and can quickly share necessary information with providers at KP facilities. This case study examines the evolution of the Digital Membership Card UX and UI design.

Initial Design (DEC)

The first generation of the DMC was designed by the KP Digital Experience Center (DEC). The design was visually similar to the physical membership cards. This design emphasized the physical card analogy by having a “front & back” which the user switched between using the circular information icon in the upper right corner. The back of the card showed phone numbers and hours.

Design Iterations

In collaboration with DEC and KP Technology Experience Design & Delivery (TEDD), the MCoE worked on some updated UX/UI designs. One of the new features desired in the updated design was a barcode which allowed users to quickly scan in information. Initial design updates by MCoE utilized similar UI elements to the original but re-structured the UX flow by putting all of the information on a single page with an expand and collapse feature.

Another MCoE design exploration utilized an expand and collapse feature while investigating alternative UI treatments for colors and font sizes.

MCoE Design Recommendation

The final design recommendation was a hybrid of several design explorations. The recommendation included updated UI elements with larger icons and font sizes, effective color utilization, expand and collapse features, and bar code for quick scanning. Please check out the interactive prototype of the MCoE Design Recommendation.

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