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Accessibility Scanner

Background Information

At KP, we strive to deliver optimal mobile products for all of our users. We focus on accessibility to ensure that KP mobile products meet minimal Americans with Disability Act (ADA) standards. In many cases we aim to surpass the minimal standards to provide an optimal mobile experience for our vision and fine motor skills impaired users whether consumers, members or employees.

In this case study, we are showing KP Flagship App 4.9 Android (NorCal version).

WCAG Knowledge is Power

Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) are accessibility guidelines regarding the presentation and coding of digital information. The MCoE Design Team believes that good accessibility is good usability. Start with knowing the accessibility requirements. See our Accessibility section to learn about font size and color contrast requirements. We provide numerous examples to help highlight common ADA issues that we’ve encountered during our consultations and UX/UI Certifications.

Early and Often Touches

“Provide clarity, early and often touches” is one of our key MCoE Design Team themes for 2016. By engaging with us early in your process, we can help share our knowledge, provide direction and save valuable time and effort.

Android Flagship Sign In screen

Android Flagship Sign In screen

We provide design oversight to the KP Flagship apps, both iOS and Android. We attend the release planning sessions, sprint design reviews and collaborate closely with the DEC Experience Design team. By having a deeper relationship with App Teams, we help make impactful improvements to the app user interface and interaction.

Verify with Accessibility Scanner

A core part of the MCoE Design Team mission is to empower our partners with resources such as the Mobile Design Resource Center and to highlight helpful tools. There is a neat tool by Google that can quickly review any mobile screen in your Android app on your Android device.

Accessibility Scanner icon screenshot

Accessibility Scanner icon screenshot

Download from Google Play the Accessibility Scanner app. Install and configure. Simply launch your app, navigate to the screen that you’d like to validate and hit the scan button.

Flagship Sign In screen

Flagship Sign In screen

Validate Results

Whether using Accessibility Scanner or a different tool, it’s important to validate the results. We have found that these tools can help find issues and highlight potential issues, but validation is still necessary to avoid false positives (wrong hits) and false negatives (misses).

We hope you find this case study and tool helpful in the planning, design and development of your KP Android mobile app.

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