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Welcome to the Mobile Design Resource Center. Our goal is to facilitate intuitive, consistent and delightful KP mobile user experiences. If you’re new or just getting started, check out our Mobile Design Community of Practice Archive, view a case study, and learn about accessibility.

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What’s New

Multi-Step Forms

Breaking down forms or intake processes into simplified steps increases chances of better conversion results.

Multi-Step Forms

App Product Icon Toolkit

Your app product icon must align with Kaiser Permanente’s new Mobile Brand Architecture.

App Product Icon Toolkit

Figma 101 – A Tool Overview

Figma is a great tool for UX/UI Design, prototyping, and collaboration. Learn about some of the best Figma features.

Figma 101 - A Tool Overview

Mobile Fonts – System and Custom

Considerations to take when using system or custom fonts.

System vs Custom Fonts