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The Certification Process

The Certification process requires your mobile application to pass up to five Review Gates. Each Gate is designed to help get your mobile application to the next level, by partnering with various teams across the KP enterprise to ensure that it meets all of our standards and requirements as outlined in the National Policy.


Here is what to expect during the Certification process:

1 – Engagement

Work with your Engagement Manger to begin your Certification.
Fill out an intake form here. (Use your Single Sign On (SSO) credentials to Log In.)


2 – Handoff

Participate in an intake meeting with your Engagement Manager. Once project requirements are defined, your Engagement Manager will warmly hand off the project to your Certification Manager to begin the Certification process.


3 – Review Gates

Your Certification Manager will submit intake forms for up to five Certification Review Gates. Learn more about these Gates on the Gates Overview page. The number of required Gates depends on the type of application category your app falls into.


4 – Assessment Findings

Gate Reviewers will share assessment findings with your Certification Manager. This includes testing of app & back-end systems, review of code, UX/UI design, and Support Model.


5 – Review Meeting

Your Certification Manager will set up a review meeting with you to review Gate assessments findings, as needed.


6 – Certification Complete

Once all Gates are completed, you will receive your official Certification documentation. Once Certification is complete, your application is ready for the next step in the Engagement process.


How long will my Certification take?

Average turnaround time is 6-8 weeks depending on the complexity of the app, readiness of the app, and the certification reviewers’ backlog.

Service Level Objectives (SLO) per gate shown below:

Gate SLO
Compliance & Legal
  • 15-20 Business Days
  • 30-45 Business Days
Code & Architecture Gate
  • 10-15 Business Days
UX/UI & Brand
  • 15-20 Business Days
  • 5-10 Business Days

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Take the KP Learn Course

To learn more, this course will walk you through Certification to help you understand our process.

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