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About the Engagement & Certification Team

Leading, uniting, and collaborating across all regions on mobile technology

We work to improve the health outcomes of the communities we serve through innovative mobile digital solutions and services. We manage by our core values to provide a safe, fulfilling, and productive work environment for employees, impeccable service for our partners and customers, enhanced value and mutually beneficial outcomes for all stakeholders. We are committed to creating a “one-stop” location for secure, consistent, stable and innovative mobile digital standards, best-practices and deliverables.

Meet the Team

Our Mission

We are…

A successful and innovative team that provides superior services that satisfy our partner’s and customer’s needs within the mobile app community.

We will…

Maintain a high level of ethics, teamwork, and professionalism, while demonstrating a caring attitude for our partners, customers and surrounding populations.

We provide…

Value, agility and quality through exceptional engagement, certification, design and development standards and services.

Core Values

These are the core principles that the MCoE Certification & Engagement Team operates under.


Encouraging and promoting excellence through innovation, creativity, and rigor.


Being honest and ethical in all interactions to the highest standards in all that we do.


Being receptive to all individuals and communities.


Accepting responsibility for the achievement of shared goals and objectives.


Acting in a manner that is environmentally, economically, and socially sustainable and repeatable.

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