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App Store/Google Play Image Checklist

The following list will be checked during the UX/UI Certification gate for Consumer based applications. Any issues found on this list may result in possible Medium, Critical, or High Severity issues, possibly requiring fixes before an application can pass the gate. As a reminder, accessibility and branding issues are also checked in the UX/UI Certification gate. Therefore, having no issues from the list below does not guarantee passing the UX/UI Certification gate.

Download version 1.3 of the UX/UI Brand Gate Checklist

  1. Is your application regional based?
    • Check: Review requirements to see if your application is regional based. If it is, There ar multiple opportunities to clarify the regional identification. The app name and title should include the region. The subhead area of the app description should also contain the app region. Apps may include the regional notification in the first screenshot in the app stores.
    • Primarily Benefits: KP User Awareness
    • Requirement: KP Policy
  2. Is everything spelled correctly?
    • Check: Verify text, Names and Data is spelled correctly.
    • Primarily Benefits: Brand
    • Requirement: KP Policy
  3. Are your images set to the correct resolution?
    • Check: Check all images are save at the correct resolution to reduce blurry / stretched images.
    • Primarily Benefits: Best Practices, Brand
    • Requirement: Google Policy, Apple Policy
  4. Are you using any alpha channels?
    • Check: Check to make sure there are no alpha channel (transparent parts of the image) that allows you to see though to page background.
    • Primarily Benefits: Best Practices, Brand
    • Requirement: KP Policy
  5. Are you using real data?
    • Check: Verify that all data showing is mock data and NOT real patient information.
    • Primarily Benefits: Legal
    • Requirement: KP Policy
  6. Are you using believable mock data?
    • Check: Verify that all data shown is believable mock data. (ie use “Dr. Smith. Don’t use “Test Dr. 1”.
    • Primarily Benefits: Best Practices, Brand
    • Requirement: KP Policy
  7. Is all text in the image / screenshot ADA compliant?
    • Check: Verify that all text in the screenshot or custom image is ADA compliant (See Accessibility checklist).
    • Primarily Benefits: Best Practices, Brand, Low Vision
    • Requirement: KP Policy