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UX/UI & Design Gate


The UX/UI & Design gate ensures that your mobile application user experience and interface meets Kaiser Permanente brand, accessibility and editorial standards.


The UX/UI Brand gate review requires app design wireframes/comps and valid test credentials to test your app with. A demo of the features should also be provided. The UX/UI Brand gate tests the following items;


During this review, MCoE design reviewers will look at your launch icon, app screens, color palette, use of the KP logo, and test your app to ensure WCAG 2.0, 2.1 AA accessibility guideline are met.

The MCoE designers provide their findings, prioritized by issue severity, via JIRA links. We can also provide a CSV file or PDF of the findings if needed.


For MCoE Certification to be awarded, all Critical and most High defects will need to be remediated prior to release.

Service Level Objective

15-20 Business Days

More Information

For information about UX/UI, Brand, Design and more see our Design section.

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