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Compliance & Legal Gate


The Compliance & Legal gate ensures that requirements for legal language within the app, such as a Privacy Policy, End User Agreement, Terms of Service, and Accessibility are met.


  • The Compliance & Legal gate requires an Intake Form and App Solution Overview deck.
  • If you are procuring your app from a vendor and PHI will be handled by your app, your vendor will be required to execute a Business Associate‚Äôs Agreement with KP.
  • If your app will be used by KP members and/or your app will be published in any public app store (like iTunes or Google Play), your app will need to prominently display a link to a Privacy Policy on a screen viewable by users before they log in to the app, in accordance with the California Online Privacy Protection Act . Best practices in constructing a compliant Privacy Policy are maintained by the California Department of Justice.


The Legal gate reviewers may ask for revisions to be made to legal language in order for the app to be compliant and to protect KP.


For MCoE Certification to be awarded, approval from National Compliance will be needed prior to your release.

Service Level Objective

15-20 Business Days.

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