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The 2021 MCoE Mobile Days was a virtual 4-day event that was held December 7-10th. Over 3,500 business and IT partners across the enterprise were invited to join us for a lineup of MCoE leadership keynote presentations, external speakers and core services participants for attendees to learn more about our services, KP’s Mobile offerings and how this translates into the newly emerging consumer taxonomy.

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The multiday event started Tuesday, December 7th with our maiden voyage keynote from Executive Director Asim Qadir, who set the stage with our consumer taxonomy framework and the exciting lineup of the week’s events. We learned about the KP Digital product transformation from Robert Mimiago, the science of objectives and key results (OKRs) from Outcome Edge’s Founder, Filipe Castro, and wrapped up the day with an exciting presentation from Loveena Harwani on a seamless and frictionless digital engagement pathway to care interactions.

Day 1

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During the second voyage on Wednesday, December 8 we heard from our Design and User Experience experts, starting with the director of Strategy Experience Design, Christian Young who shared about our digital transformation and the empowered future of KP. The external guest for the day was Ryan Cole from Intuit about how another heavily regulated industry is ensuring their mobile users are supported with ADA in mind. We had an exciting series of presenters of an internal specialists around mobile accessibility from Edward Wald and Mark Stimson. The day ended with Antonio Scaduto-Medola and Michal Cohen, who shared how human-centered design and a fresh perspective of new tools contributed to successful outcomes for the development of UPs Manage My Health Condition app is evolving with the members experience at the forefront. 

Day 2

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On our third voyage, Thursday, December 9, we kicked the day off with Brian Kottcamp, Director of App Development and Delivery and heard about successful outcomes from his Mobile Development Kit And DevOps teams.  Our live audience was provided two presentations from Apple on the their framework for building health apps. Unfortunately, Apple’s presentation and QA was for the live audience only due to confidentiality, so be sure to join live next time. Joshua Fenemore gave two witty presentation on how to test your tests and testing native tests in mobile development. We also heard from KPs testing and quality teams on automation testing with Usha Ganti, Functional Testing by Malini Kippusami and Arindam Chakraborthy, and Test Data Management by Tripti Jain and Anna-Mae Edpao. There was an extraordinary demo provided by Vita Zavoli on how we are addressing accessibility functions and testing in our flagship KP Mobile App. 

Day 3

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Our final voyage was opened with Gustavo Pospischel, VP of Experience Engineering with his reflection on the 28+ presentations during the week and a rapid fire QA sessions. The Engagement and Certification Director, Ketil Jensen discussed key wins for the MCoE and market trends impacting the future of mobile apps. Kristen Roby Demlow, VP from Microsoft joined us with ten lessons they took away from the shifts their workforce took during the pandemic. The day wrapped after the certified app showcase presentations of six business application owners from KP Health Ally, KP Health Partner, OptiKam, Product Scan, iHub, KP Educational Theatre, and KLM Digital Casting

Day 4